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Maximum Student Safety.
We need to reexamine and improve student assignment plans, busing plans and school starting times to maximize student safety.
Improve High School Graduation Rate.
We must improve our high school graduation rate.  One strategy for addressing this issue is to create more, high school "centers of excellence" and more technical educational options.
Close Student Achievement Gap Faster.
As a former principal, I support the Pinellas Education Foundation's emphasis for more school site autonomy that allows for school-based decision making.
Focus on the Big Picture.
We need a sharper focus on the big picture. Pinellas is a district with a $1.5-billion annual budget, 17,000 employees and 105,000 students.  The school board needs to set strategic priorities to help students, teachers and administrators reach or exceed their performance goals.
Education is the Key to Our Community's Economic Prosperity.
The jobs of the future will depend on our strategic focus in today's classrooms. We must teach the career tools our children will need to compete and prosper in the ever-changing economy of the 21st century.
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